Following on from Platini’s spectacularly unhelpful stance towards players receiving racist abuse, they have punished Nicklas Bendtner for his displaying his Paddy Power pants waistband in a fairly blatant way following his second goal against Portugal. He has banned for Denmark’s next competitive fixture, and fined 100,000 euros (£80,000). While that may only be a fortnight’s wages to the Danish striker, what really puts it into perspective is UEFA’s fines for other offences. more than three times the collective fine levied to Russia (30,000 euros) and twenty-five times that of Poland (4,000 euros) for incidents of fan violence. It is more than six times UEFA’s fine of Croatia for racism at Euro 2008. When Porto fans racially abused Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli in the Europa League last season, they were only made to pay £16,700. Other fines for racism include Spain in 2004 (£45,000) and Serbia in 2007 (£16,500). Looking at this, it rather makes one worry for the battle against homophobia….