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Man City release controversial accounts.

An excellent in-depth write up above from someone who clearly knows their stuff. We have all known for a while that Man City are effectively sponsoring themselves to meet FFP, and about the dodgy image rights deals, but it now turns out that they are being part funded by their women’s team…who happen to be owned by the same people.

It interesting that Man City are going to such complex lengths to cover their inability to meet FFP’s criteria, when compared to PSG and Monaco, who are relying on old fashioned bullying and bribery.

Either way its an interesting 12 months or so ahead for UEFA’s flagship. If it stands strong, their hand will be unassailable and Platini’s legacy and future presidency of FIFA are assured. If it tumbles, not only is his reputation ruined, but European football will be in serious trouble. We are already seeing the effects of wage inflation across Europe with teams going bust in England, others in Italy having playing squads entirely made of up of players on loan from the big 6 or 7, and in France and Portugal where others are struggling. In Spain there is the added complication of clubs actually having to pay tax now as the economy tanks, and the utterly corrupt TV deal propping up the superiority of the big 3.

It’s interesting times across Europe, and I think for all of us who follow the sport, we have to hope City and others are held to account.