Edge Of The Area is a football blog that comes from things a slightly different perspective. I don’t have any particular axe to grind (though will probably rant a LOT), I am interested in more than just my team, and I have a habit of wandering off into weird metaphors linking the North London Derby with 11th Century Milanese Heretics and Street Fighter 2.

Who am I? (existential angst time)

I am a London born and based actor of mixed parentage, but somewhat indeterminate ethnicity. My dad is white English (from Wolverhampton, but lost the accent many moons ago), and my mum is from the West Indies (Jamaica and Trinidad) via Dublin. I also have bits of Welsh, Irish, Indian and even Chinese that I know of lurking somewhere in my gene pool, and lord knows what else….

In the few years I have been doing it, my acting career has encompassed rooms above pubs, ancient amphitheatres, film sets and the Atlas Mountains. As well as acting, I occasionally work as a freelance adviser, mostly regarding employment issue, for an urban regeneration charity.

I also have a healthy fascination with history, politics, cricket, ice-hockey, graphic novels and PC games…These will inevitably bleed in to whatever wittering i come up with…

All of these are secondary to my main addiction – The Beautiful Game.

I am also a long standing (I miss the terraces!) Arsenal Fan, for which I can only apolagise.


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